Global Finance and the Enablers of Corruption – Professional intermediaries and the evidence of their role in Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs)

A new report from the Global Integrity Anti-Corruption Evidence Programme (GI-ACE) entitled “Global Finance and the Enablers of Corruption” reviews the body of evidence that seeks to demonstrate why and how enablers become involved in IFF schemes, what instruments exist to deter them, and how effective these instruments have been in practice. With ample use of case studies and news reporting, the report illustrates how regulatory frameworks do not operate in a vacuum, but within the context of distinct jurisdictions, and with real-world trade-offs related to privacy, security, and the resources needed for development, implementation and enforcement. 

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Can public servants help prevent the resource curse in African countries?

Researcher Adam Harris discusses the results of surveys of public servants in ten countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe that focused on the experience of public servants in relation to public service management, their integrity, attitudes, and motivation to serve citizens and deliver policies in accordance with the public interest.

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Marking milestones in understanding the presence of corruption and the role of integrity among South African and Zambian urban planning professionals

One year further into its GI ACE-supported research concerning the role of integrity and corruption within the planning profession in Zambia and South Africa, the African Centre for Cities’ “Cities of Integrity” (COI) research team has hit new milestones and made progress in achieving its research objectives.

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A new map of financial transparency reform: 2000-2015

GI-ACE researcher Daniel Haberly’s first project workshop, “Dark Architectures: Advancing Research on Global Wealth Chains,” provided an opportunity to present in detail on the preliminary version of the historical financial secrecy database compiled over the past several months, including a preliminary overview of how the world map (in 61 jurisdictions) of secrecy-related regulation evolved between the years of 2000-2015. 

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