Mark Pyman is a leading practitioner in tackling corruption, especially in relation to sector reform, security forces, conflict environments and the corporate sector. In 2018, Pyman founded CurbingCorruption, an anti-corruption organisation and website publicising detailed sector-by-sector reviews of reform approaches, worldwide reform experience, and sectoral research knowledge. The site publishes new sector reform experience, contributed by practitioners, academics, company executives and officials. Pyman has experience working in three of the toughest environments for corruption – as the Programme Director for Transparency International in tackling corruption in the military and Defence Ministries worldwide; in Afghanistan, as one of the three international Anti-Corruption Commissioners; and as the Chief Financial Officer for large international companies in endemically corrupt countries. Festus Boamah is a Post-Doctoral Fellow and Lecturer at the Chair of Social & Population Geography, University of Bayreuth, Germany. His current research projects focus on Self-organisation of Electricity, State Development Agenda and Socio-technical Practices in Ghana and Kenya. Boamah is currently part of a Mini-Grid Electrification project in remote locations of Namibia. His previous research focused on Biofuel Land Grabbing Africa. Boamah’s work has appeared in Geoforum, Development & Change, Energy Research & Social Science, Annals of the American Association of Geographers, Journal of International Development, and more.