Thorsten Chmura is a professor at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University. His main research interest is using laboratory and field experiments to find solutions for real-life challenges. Thorsten holds  various leadership positions at Nottingham Business School, and has previously worked at the Universities of Nottingham, Munich, and the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Abigail Barr is a professor in the School of Economics at Nottingham University. Her research focuses on the socially embedded decision-maker; the roles played by guilt, shame, social identity, and social context in individual decision-making; and the factors and mechanisms that determine individuals’ preferences and values. Liz David-Barrett is director of the Sussex Centre for the Study of Corruption and a senior lecturer in politics at the University of Sussex. Her research focuses on government-business interfaces as they relate to corruption and anti-corruption. Cormac Bryce is an associate professor at Cass Business School, Faculty of Actuarial Science and Insurance. His multi-metho d research spans from measuring human behaviour in financial organisations through to organisational behaviour within the healthcare and aviation industries.

citizen science and global anti-corruption written on coins side by side with related words around

From citizen science to global anti-corruption: Two sides of the same coin

Recent research in behavioural science has highlighted the importance of patient complaints in the UK National Health Service (NHS) as an indicator of the level of care and patient safety within the hospitals studied. Using information from patients receiving treatment in their job and work conditions, compliance with patient safety standards can be determined, and…