GI ACE supports learning, communications, and engagement across all of our projects, and between researchers and practitioners around the world. The GI ACE research programme produces outstanding research that assists decision-makers addressing real-world corruption problems.

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Multimedia from the Projects

GI ACE Highlights Food Security & Corruption Risks The climate crisis is currently affecting food prices, with the biggest impact on the most vulnerable populations. Practitioners and researchers are working…

Effective Law Enforcement – Nigeria & Malawi

This project is the first comparative study of law enforcement efforts targeting high-level corruption in Africa. The focus on enforcement practice promises to generate new evidence regarding investigations and prosecutions in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Malawi.

‘Windows’ of Corruption in Uganda

Crisis Emergencies, State Responses and ‘Windows’ of Corruption in Uganda The project will study crisis responses in Uganda, examining how they create opportunities for corruption. It will analyze past emergencies…

Cities of Integrity: Zambia and South Africa

This project focuses on how professional communities of planners in South Africa and Zambia live up to their roles as drivers of integrity.

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