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Anti-Money Laundering & Banking/Reputation

This project aims to investigate the laundering of monies and reputations by elites from African and Central Asian kleptocracies by looking at the due diligence requirements in the banking, real estate, charitable and public relations sectors.

Social Norms & Behaviors & Health – Tanzania

A behavioural approach is adopted to develop and test an anti-corruption intervention in the Tanzanian health sector, recognising that social norms can fuel practices of gift-giving and bribery between health service providers and users.

Offshore Financial Secrecy Reform

This project makes use of leaked and newly constructed datasets to understand the impact that offshore financial secrecy reforms are having on the use of shell companies for the hiding of developing country corruption proceeds.

Cities of Integrity: Zambia and South Africa

This project focuses on how professional communities of planners in South Africa and Zambia live up to their roles as drivers of integrity.

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