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Hiding the beneficial owner and the proceeds of corruption

Focussed on Nigeria, this project examines current approaches and system weakness for successfully identifying the beneficial owner, thereby, preventing the laundering of the proceeds of corruption and aiding asset recovery

Addressing bribery in the Tanzanian health sector: A behavioural approach

A behavioural approach is adopted to develop and test an anti-corruption intervention in the Tanzanian health sector, recognising that social norms can fuel practices of gift-giving and bribery between health service providers and users.

Cities of integrity: Urban planning and corruption in Africa

This project focuses on how professional communities of planners in South Africa and Zambia live up to their roles as drivers of integrity.

Can positive public recognition lead to good governance?

This project works from the theory that fostering collective pride in good governance and providing a positive recognition for local leaders who forego corruption will decrease corruption in a national park revenue-sharing programme in western Uganda.

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