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Day 1

From Research to Practice: The Journey of GI-ACE On the inaugural day of the conference, research projects came together to present findings from three years of research, with the hope…

Social Norms & Behaviors & Health – Tanzania

A behavioural approach is adopted to develop and test an anti-corruption intervention in the Tanzanian health sector, recognising that social norms can fuel practices of gift-giving and bribery between health service providers and users.

Harnessing Informality – East & Central Africa & Kyrgyzstan

Building on Phase 1 findings that uncovered informal practices of networks of political, business, and social actors that undermine anti-corruption efforts, this project works with case studies from East Africa and Central Asia to explore how anti-corruption interventions can explicitly factor in existing informal networks.

Leveraging Social Audits – India

Most countries have different agencies performing top-down audits and social audits. This project investigates the interaction between different types of audits and the effects on service delivery, using evidence on leakages in two major public works programmes across states in India.

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