Daniel Haberly is a senior lecturer at the University of Sussex. His research and teaching interests cover topics related to economic and financial geography, development, and the organization of global financial networks, with a focus on offshore finance and sovereign wealth fund investment. Valentina Gullo iis a research fellow at the University of Sussex. Her research interests cover topics related to geography of finance, money laundering and criminal economics, with a focus on the analysis of dirty money flows and offshore finance.

first slide of haberly presentation showing terrorist and criminal financing in time lapse

A new map of financial transparency reform: 2000-2015

GI-ACE researcher Daniel Haberly’s first project workshop, “Dark Architectures: Advancing Research on Global Wealth Chains,” provided an opportunity to present in detail on the preliminary version of the historical financial secrecy database compiled over the past several months, including a preliminary overview of how the world map (in 61 jurisdictions) of secrecy-related regulation evolved between the years of 2000-2015. 

Does transparency bring cleanliness? Offshore financial secrecy reform and corruption control

It is increasingly widely recognized that many of the enablers of large-scale corruption lie in transnational financial networks and, in particular, offshore secrecy jurisdictions. These secrecy jurisdictions facilitate the international movement and storage of funds acquired through corruption, tax evasion, smuggling, drug trading, and other criminal activities which, in-turn, facilitate further criminal and terrorist enterprise.