Effective or falling flat? A fresh look at high-level corruption prosecutions in three African jurisdictions

Gerhard AndersSenior Lecturer in African Studies and International Development, Centre of African Studies, The University of Edinburgh Gerhard Anders is trained in both law, with a focus on international law, and anthropology, especially legal and political anthropology. Gerhard has conducted extensive field research in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Malawi. His research focuses on globally circulating…

Nigerian currency

Hiding the beneficial owner and the proceeds of corruption

Jacqueline HarveyComing from the school of critical scholars, Jacqueline Helen Harvey‘s evidence-based work challenges existing frameworks and approaches. Her overall contribution to the discipline is around two main themes: anti-money laundering policy / asset recovery and the criminal interface with internal organisational structure. Harvey is a professor of Financial Management and Director of Business Research…

woman in African market

Realising the dream of Pan-African trade: Giving women voice in improving borders

Jacqueline KloppJacqueline Klopp’s research focuses at the intersection of sustainable land use, infrastructure, democratization, violence, displacement and corruption.  Klopp is the author of numerous popular and scholarly and is taking an increasing interest in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and questions of public participation and transparency in policymaking and implementation.