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From citizen science to global anti-corruption: Two sides of the same coin

Recent research in behavioural science has highlighted the importance of patient complaints in the UK National Health Service (NHS) as an indicator of the level of care and patient safety within the hospitals studied. Using information from patients receiving treatment in their job and work conditions, compliance with patient safety standards can be determined, and…

Does transparency bring cleanliness? Offshore financial secrecy reform and corruption control

It is increasingly widely recognized that many of the enablers of large-scale corruption lie in transnational financial networks and, in particular, offshore secrecy jurisdictions. These secrecy jurisdictions facilitate the international movement and storage of funds acquired through corruption, tax evasion, smuggling, drug trading, and other criminal activities which, in-turn, facilitate further criminal and terrorist enterprise.

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Using ‘red flag’ indicators to identify corruption and analyse reform efforts in the procurement process

The campaign to open up contracting around the world has had a positive consequence for corruption researchers: there is an abundance of data about public procurement (government purchases of goods, works and services from an external source through a tendering process). In our GI-ACE project, we use this data to develop new proxy indicators of corruption…

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Hiding the beneficial owner and the proceeds of corruption

In 2007, participants at the 6th National Seminar on Economic Crime in Abuja, Nigeria, were informed that some US$400 billion was estimated to have been stolen from public accounts in Nigeria over a 40-year period (Chatham House Report 2017). More recently, some US$32 billion ‘was lost to corruption’ during the six-year presidency of Goodluck Jonathan that ended…

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How effective are beneficial ownership checks?

New project investigates laundering of monies and reputations by professional enablers for African and Central Asian elites Money laundering is a serious impediment to the effectiveness of official development assistance in creating a more prosperous, just, and democratic world. Someone looking to move illegally obtained money can far too easily hide his or her identity…